Ruin a Wish

Granted, but you can’t choose where it’s going to move
I wish I could fart without anyone knowing that was me. (Try to ruin this)

Granted, but it only works half of the time

Granted, null.
I wish the streak wouldn’t die

granted, but the post gets locked after 20 minutes
i wish i had a gaming pc

Granted, but you buy a 2011 used one in gross condition

i wish my gaming pc could run watch dogs without the fans going to 100% with 80% cpu usage.

Granted, but Blockland doesn’t run on your computer anymore.

what do you wish for? also i got another AH CRAP ITS GOT LINUX

i wish i had an working icq revival for windows

granted, but you can only message one person ever

whats your wish?

don’t have one

no wish? then i’ll make you an wish

your wish is to get the real web tv box

Granted, null.
I wish I had better hearing.

granted, but you need a hearing aid
i wish i had a roblox girlfriend

Granted, but it’s a real girl
I wish I had the SNES controller for the wii

Granted, but it doesn’t work

  • roblox gf
  • real gf

What is your wish?

to ruin a wish