Ripcord on Windows Vista is awesome (working Discord Lite for Vista and newer)

isn’t this awesome?

note i have to put it on this category because idk i will put it on.

Too bad this client is closed source, someone who knows assembly and C/C++ should try to disassemble it.

Ah yes, Ripcord

Yeah, i want 32-bit version so it can run on Windows XP and Vista 32-bit.

and Ripcord only works if you add exception on ProxHTTPSProxy.

You really shouldn’t be using a Discord Client on Windows XP anyways

anyways it’s gonna be good to use it

it’s nothing special, it’s only really good if your using a slow computer

And against the Discord ToS :confused:

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if it acts like a selfbot

Custom Clients are prohibited by the ToS

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Yep, so far Only Pidgin and Ripcord does support Discord.

how did you make it work?

web client wants to speak with you