RIP Wonderlist

I got an email from Wonderlist saying that they will shutdown on May 6 (UTC + 8:00, Beijing Standard Time).
Although I don’t use it anymore, I already switched to Microsoft To-Do, but RIP.

Who needs it? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Out of curiosity, do you have another way of handling tasks you need to do? I know sometimes I will end up putting things in as a calendar event, especially if it’s something that needs to happen at exactly a certain time, but I prefer To-Do overall (after using Wunderlist for quite a while before Microsoft purchased it).

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I once used to do
but in general i prefer an old fashioned giant ass .txt on my desktop :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh that works too, but it requires way more discipline than I’m capable of, I need these things to “get in my face” or I’ll procrastinate and push them out of my mind :stuck_out_tongue:

One feature I’ve always wanted is a “drive me crazy until I do this task” option.

If i have to use a fancy program ill get distracted by all the pretty features and before i know it i will be browsing random old software libraries >_>

Outlook bruh