RIP Flash Player


good fucking riddance


In palemoon you can use flash player :slight_smile: chrome and mozilla not, bad browsers with plugins

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how am i going to play my papa’s pizzeria after then

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Eh, nothing new to me :stuck_out_tongue:

flashpoint, which is something I do shit for, has like 22k webgames, most of which are flash (but there’s also unity web player stuff, shockwave, java web apps, etc), check it out

I’d suggest using infinity if you don’t have good internet or a big hard drive, no nojus it doesn’t work on XP

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Thanks browsers for rubbing it in. Now how am i gonna stop crying, cuz I had good af times with Flash Player. Now how am I gonna play those Windows Parodies on Newgrounds??

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how about vista?

I dunno, Maybe just install a Android emulator and grab a APK of “Papa’s Pizzeria HD”, Because Flipline made it paid. for some weird fuckery.


Yeah, Apparantly Flipline seems to have entered a phase of “Greediness” or something like that.

omg plz not kill beautiful technology!

I don’t know how to feel about that :confused: In a way THANKFULLY because it was fucking annoying, almost nobody used it anymore and apparently a big door to vulnerabilities. but in an other way… quite some games and things of the past that entertained lot’s of people for hours(including me) will just disappear… :confused: without anything we can do really… it’s time to move on.

if you used chrome you could still play games because chrome has its own flash player independent of adobe


I’m guessing Adobe provided Flash Player for Google, as it’s 2019 and nobody wants to go to Adobe’s site to download Flash Player.


I just use direct download links :stuck_out_tongue:

frik (frick)

don’t think it supports vista, I’ll have to ask

says 7 and higher but incompatability can’t defeat me :stuck_out_tongue: