Rip finobe lmao (except not really)

got c&ded i think @raymonf tell me if I’m wrong

never fiveget

last text channel before it gets locked :wink:
after that
finobe will be in the distant past
will be a forgotten part of the roblox community’s history

-PF94, on the text-vc channel of the finobe discord.

here’s the legally binding document everyone wants

bullshit, they’re back

its already faked



for fucks sake

i mostly stopped caring after getting permbanned by someone with “proof” that’s just a few screenshots not even actually showing anything, and literally needing to reinstall windows or use a different computer just to play

thats called ban evasion. but seriously what proof did they have. dm me the screenshots if you can.

this was over a year ago, i’ve openly told people (including mods) that i’ve been banned before and nobody cares though lol