Reviving hotmail


I was wondering if there is any way to get Hotmail back


not this again…


i like this
and they changed the tags


There’s Hotmail Revived by @Deathlife23, but it doesn’t really have a good rep.

First, in order to sign up, you have to send a new email name AND a password to the owner’s email address/their MSN, which is really concerning at a privacy standpoint. Second, the service is just Roundcube, a pre-existing email backend, but with a Hotmail-themed front page.

So basically, it’s best you don’t try it to protect yourself, both in the name of security and sanity.

Although, I still do wish there was a Hotmail-like service. :stuck_out_tongue:



On that note, you can use the Outlook client on some versions of Windows Live Mail*, just it has to be IMAP if i recall.

  • = Tried it on Windows 2000 with Hotmail/Outlook Express 5. Didn’t work. :frowning: