Revive this, revive that


its good that you give idea to what revive, but dont you think its time to stop?




what you want now, kennedy revived? oh dear.


steve jobs revived will be better


Im saying seriously, you all want everything, skydrive, skype (me lol), windows media radio, EVERYTHING, jesus


I think the conclusion is that everyone has something they used to love and enjoy that is no longer available/usable/useful.

The neat part about local running software is that you can generally revive or otherwise get this stuff working again :stuck_out_tongue:

Which is certainly not the case in a modern world of web-based applications.


i only want aol desktop back


No, why would you stop?


Not really. There aren’t much revival threads on here overall, but even if they were cluttering the forums, you’ve seem to forget that that main purpose of the forum is to discuss about software, mainly MSN Messenger, but others are allowed too. I’m gonna side with @TReKiE here. Most people here had a piece of software they used to love that required a service to be in operation, and since said service is no longer available, mostly due to bad business practices or outright greediness, that piece of software can no longer function, breaking the hearts of many that used it.

Also, gonna be honest, missed the sweet sight of local applications you could install on your computer. Heck, Discord on Windows/Mac is just a container for whatever website hosts the actual application. I get that with today’s web, you can do amazing and cool things with it to the point you could emulate desktop application capabilities, but I think it is becoming overkill because almost every company or business uses it for what would be OK for a desktop-only application.


I’m on JK’s side with this one.