(Revival) Share your desktops and/or Specs!

Hi There! Here is a revival fusion by: TLWXPUser and veselcraft, this time (you can choose some of these options from title)
Ok, I will show for us:


Specs (It haves Intel HD Graphics 400): image

uh share your desktops and specs are still alive, oh fuck it why not

specs (graphics are amd radeon hd 7340)

@EpicTaco404 putty, I like it… Bitcoin miner heheahehaehahe


That is because PuTTy is used to mine bitcoin (brazillians makes that) but on linux vps

i just use it for telneting my radmin teamspeak server

Desktop (Wallpaper by Arya Wicaksana on Facebook :smiley:)

And here’s my good ol’ Laptop Specs :slight_smile:
Screenshot from 2020-05-09 11-03-50

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oh :slightly_smiling_face: