Retrospective of "MessengerGeek Forum Retrospective - 2017" - Two Years Later

Probably the last major thread I’ll ever create. And the last time I’ll ever address the dwindling state of MessengerGeek in any way. Think of this as a time portal back to when I actually cared about this place and wanted to see it expand with well-minded and knowledgeable users.

If anyone wants to read the original thread, then it’s linked right below:


Hello people.

My first sentence before I got infected with the tongue plague. :stuck_out_tongue:

I noticed that the forum quality has been… dwindling down. And after a while, it went into complete chaos.

… And then it stabilized for a while and then went into complete chaos. Which then slightly died down, but went back up. At this point, it’s like a rollercoaster that’ll never stop peaking up and slightly going down.

Which is why I stopped caring about the forum or any type of activity from it a lot.

…if I wasn’t so shy to create an account

Back when I worried that people would make me some sort of popular figure and put me in a position I would never be able to escape from (which kind of happened, but trust me now I actually regret it. At the very least I wish I wasn’t that involved and trusted the community to not make accurate MSN info hard to find).

Before I created this account, I had started a project to replace the now dead MSN webcam server

This was two years ago, back when I knew next to nothing about MSN’s internals. Now that I’ve learned that MSN primarily uses P2P for webcam, I haven’t seen a reason to continue the project yet.

I also had a Yahoo! Messenger and AIM server in the works (which I shamelessly slightly copied from an older version of Escargot’s code lol) and select code from Escargot in an attempt to support Microsoft account integration (before that ended up nowhere because frontend federation is the next big thing I guess) before I created my “OhHelloThereImTheGuy” account. The former are planned frontends (the first has been made into an actual frontend on Escargot and the second is going to be supported in the future), but I think it’s obvious where the latter project ended up…

Points I talked about

People who are impatient for “iMPORTANT!!!1111!!” Escargot features

Wow. I treated this like it was the worst thing ever. I’ve seen worse elsewhere and after joining this community…

…I actually wanted to contribute to Escargot’s development, which made me consider creating an account, but again, shyness.

I legitimately thought I had to register on MessengerGeek to become a dev at the time, which is stupid now that I’m reading that.

After seeing a few threads and posts ragging on them, I would personally like to say, kids aren’t the problem.

That was from like, what, Alexis and a few other people just being jerks? I guess I addressed this just so that they could shut up and not make the forum some MSN elitist cult. Honestly I think I should’ve just let the userbase of kids grow and let them be quiet on their own.

Also, I agree that yes, some of the kids on here are pests, but I still stand with my viewpoint that they and others can do as they please, even if it involves old software from your early 2000s generation.

JK has said numerous times that people of all ages are allowed on this forum, and of course, MSN Messenger.

I believe at the time that mentioning @TReKiE’s stance on who can use the forum was just so that I could strengthen my argument with words from the owner himself. Not something I find bad, but I thought that my arguments alone would make people continue their nonsense.

There are kids (mostly teens) out there who can handle mature conversations and do “adult” things like program (not like Scratch and other kiddy programming languages)…

Well there are caveats with kids who can act “mature”, and I’ve learned that that will happen. It’s just natural, I suppose. The Scratch thing I added because I thought readers would automatically assume that the “programming” part would equal Scratch or similar languages.

Is this an MSN-only forum?

This came from Alexis and some other MSN elitists wanting to bar Skype discussion. I guess this helped in some way, but all the more useless as Escargot started supporting other IMs anyway (like Yahoo! Messenger).

The main course


If it weren’t for the other stuff I addressed, then I would’ve just let the users battle it out on who could insult Leo more and let the forum decide on its quality. Or at the time, tell people they’re overreacting about him and to simply stop, but I thought they were too stuck up their butts to understand.

Leo_Historias is basically the embodiment of UNBEARABLE .

More mildly annoying than unbearable, but eh.

I wish he would at least get a value pack of Patience™

I still like this line, two years later. I wonder what a value pack of Patience™ would actually look like. :stuck_out_tongue:

…what makes me understand his behavior is the fact that he is 10 years old (from what I have heard).

Yeah I think his behavior falls more into the impatient 7-year old brat spectrum. And that’s just a generalization…

Still, no reason why people had to blow their fuses at him. The same situation occured with Pedrox and I still don’t understand why people want to go out of their way to make some little kid’s life a living hell. :confused:

…(Well, after typing out this lengthy post, he starting insulting him

First, by “he” in this sentence, I mean Megadeth (no ill will towards him :slight_smile:). Second, while I was in the middle of typing that long essay, I checked out the updated threads and saw what he did with Leo, so I felt like addressing it because I found it stupid. Could’ve just left it at him throwing an F-bomb at Leo and say that that was crappy alone.


…the forum hasn’t completely taken a turn for the worst, but kind of unbearable and iffy.

Yeah, 2019 called. It wants to prove you wrong.

@Leo_Historias It’s for the best to learn that “patience is a virtue” and maybe not blindly say things that don’t have weight

Then he went on a one-year hiatus and learned absolutely nothing lol.

@TReKiE I know you are one person and you can’t maintain a forum this big by yourself. So I’d say get yourself some moderators.

Two years later, no moderators. He was considering hiring some, but then he pointed out they never really used Discourse’s moderation tools properly, so that’s a bummer. Mods could’ve been super useful, especially during 2018 and this year. :frowning:

Welp, I’m prepared to get some scrutiny myself because “Leo sucks and you didn’t insult or mock him enought xd.” Just know that I won’t be very active much.

The replies proved me wrong. But later on in my MessengerGeek endeavors, whenever I would question the behavior of people’s reactions to certain people that weren’t really a big problem, they’d look at me like I did something wrong. So I guess I did get the scrutiny I was worrying about all along. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for that last sentence, I also got a bit too involved once people started praising me and welcoming me into the community. But I should’ve just treated it as a side thing, as look at the nonsense I’ve experienced now and regret even spectating.

If I’ll be honest, my views on MessengerGeek two years ago have changed from a year ago and nowadays. I only ever really lurk and help with people’s Messenger problems now, but at some point I’ll stop coming here altogether. MessengerGeek right now is just shouting matches and people making vaporware or uninspired projects that aren’t of any value like they were two years ago.

It’s been an… interesting two years, but it’s not worth it anymore. When I wrote my retrospective in 2017, I thought it’d change MessengerGeek positively and get people together. So far, it’s only made a tiny difference that quickly reversed after a while. As for why I haven’t made retrospectives for 2018, well, I tried. But it was so much to cover and afterwards I felt like it wouldn’t do anything but silence people for a few hours and let them resume their scheduled fights. That’s all I have to say.


since you mentioned Leo_Historias i should talk about how he commented this on my escargot video from a good 11 months ago and i haven’t mentioned it here at all


I’ll miss you @OhHelloThereImTheGuy

That doesn’t change you’ll be still active on Discord server, right?

I mostly lurk there, but I wasn’t that active to begin with. :stuck_out_tongue: