Resource hacking wlm 2009


so far i found few things, i will upload the stuff i found soon

edit: so many msn buddy icons lml

edit again: i entered hell

edit3: holy fuck 65 files
WLM (27,9 KB)
this is not complete and will be updated to have more icons


also, these icons can be hacked into msn 7.0/7.5


You do know that Messenger Plus! had a skin file extractor?


tell me more about it


I need to look it up


Here is my Resources of Messenger, extracted February 27, 2009 by MsgPlus 4.80.356, if it’s helpful at all :stuck_out_tongue:


damn its gonna be hard to find stuff


i extract using 7-Zip, it’s interesting.


maybe we can team up and stuff these resources into msn


found some stuff

also this:


ironically, i found an file by the name 182


under what resource folder?


its on\Consolidated Windows/976



guess you found that using John’s ZIP.





my version is part of this “collage”:


Here’s some more stuff from my archive. Does it help @Megadeth58? (282.9 KB) (190.7 KB)
Default (5.0 MB) (3.1 MB)


i see you found me.

rant rant war war


oh damn thats neat


rant rant war war

we will declare war