REQUEST: can someone revive xfire

xfire is like discord but its before discord i dont know the protocol it used but i have this screenshot:

an revival could be possible?

No, currently the Escargot team is focusing on Yahoo! and WLM Messenger, and I didn’t find any revival of xFire in 2020. So, no.

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yahoo is already revived lol

Yes, but that reviver does not belong to Escargot.

seriously? is that all?, escargot is still on wlm 2009 but yahoo? sure that escargot did messed up by just A N - Y A H O O - M E S S E N G E R ? Impossible!


just learn how to code and do it yourself if you rly want it.

but i cant code because i am an 12 year old

i can make hello world in java.

im 13 and i can do html (even if its not coding, its markup, i will include it here), the tiniest bit of css, some rust (enough to follow a tutorial and make a web server, then break it by upgrading it a bit), scratch (THATS NOT CODE ITS FREAKING BLOCKS), and the worlds smallest bits of c# and basic

If you wanna code, go check out some tutorials on youtube, ive seen some good ones there,it might take some time and effort, but you can do it

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I recommend SoloLearn, I’ve been using it for over 2 weeks and I’m learning a lot from it :slight_smile:

Well to revive xFire, you should learn about reverse-engineering and Assembly language.