Repost of skin/plugin/scripts archive thought this would still be interesting as it has skins from 8.5 up to 2011, so i will repost it since the original thread from november of 2017 didn’t really get much attention

Note: Archive is 464mb

Note2: Obviously, 2009 or 2011 skins wont work with 8.5. but the plugins/scripts should, as they are not really version specific.


2009 Already’s going to be relased/public-patched So 2009 themes are going to look good

deviantart has some custom skins, some of which are like for 7.5

Dead link, someone fix this.

I’ve re-uploaded it and the link has been changed for now.

There are some really nice things in the zip, I open it up sometimes to discover old things I’ve forgotten about and new things I didn’t even know existed.