Replitronics - Miniature Boombox kickstarter

Apparently this is a functional Bluetooth speaker that looks like a boombox that comes in two sizes. If this is your kind of thing, donate if you have money to spare, and only if you have money to spare (COVID pandemic has the world stressed and all).

Seems like a well done unit, some nice detail and has multiple uses.

One big thing I really miss from pre-digital players is a sense of movement while music plays. Whether a spinning disc or moving tape reels, you get that physical connection between the player and the music. There’s something very satisfying that you just can’t get anymore.

Unfortunately I don’t think the VU meters even move in this particular project as it would likely be cost prohibitive.

Somewhat related is this web player I really like that’s fun to play with:

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judging from the prototype they showed off at e3 2019 (they make prototypes for things years in advance, eg the mini Missile Command cabinet), I think they’re static. sucks :confused:

I miss old audio equipment with over the top vu-meters and eqs etc etc, they serve no use if you aren’t heavily into audio but that sorta visual feedback also intrigues me!

I really want to get a vintage guitar amp that has vu-meters and stuff on them

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now this is a real jam.