remember rayman on the ps1?

i didnt play this but i remember i had rayman legend demo for my switch (yes i have a switch)

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i played it and…Rayman 2’s better.

i play it on sister’s psp in 2013 and it was fun enough

sir, why you play on your sister’s psp, dont you have one?

I just beat it two months ago, had to use a “Infinite lives” cheat though or else it would be a pain in the butt to beat.


i had but i lost it in 2015


Yeah I remember

Ps1 time! smashes the ps1 on zeriah’s head

When I was a kid my grandma bought it for me as a birthday pressent, I still have the game, such good memories playing rayman, it was also the last present I received from her after she passed away

aww… :frowning:

played it in 2019, never completed it lol

i remember rayman for 3 years ago. i know him from all games are from PC