Redoing Messenger PLUS WEBSITE!


oh no


Actually that is a good idea. Good luck!

(that was mean)

the poblem is , you already see the others websites that he made

Well, what matters? Let him try, what’s our cost anyway? He has tons of potential to be a good web designer, and we all learn better by experience. Let’s give him a chance.

if you want, theres my way to do it so.

first off, create a folder on your desktop, name it whatever you want. Now, go to and find the Messenger Plus! site you are replicating, then, save the webpage by pressing Ctrl+S and locate it to the folder.

Ok, now you have all files for the page (i guess), now create a neocities site, and go to the dashboard, delete everything except index.html (Ofc).

Now, go to the folder you saved the file in, there will be another folder, and the html file, create a folder on the neocities site, and name it exactly as the one in the other folder in the desktop, now, drag all files of the subfolder into the new one created in the neocities site.

Now open the HTML file with notepad, and copy the entire code, go to the neocities dashboard and edit index.html, delete the existing code and paste the one you copied, then save

thats the way i do, it seems complicated but its not really (btw, its gonna have the wayback toolbar at the top, thats you figuring what to do)

I’ll try to do it on my side… alpha

only HTML, again…

Just wait…

look again its better than you say :slight_smile:

Its beta not finished

ok im done with this project its canceled bye

I guess I’ll try to do it on my side with more patience…

Sike i was just kiding lol

#2 definition

sorry bad english

this is more a microsoft website than a msgplus website