Redo-ing AIM Today


Just testing a replica of AIM Today.
And also if you wanna view the thing itself.

Not script kiddie stuff. Period!


Well 7/10


LOL AIM Today was just a pop-up that appeared after you logged on to AIM, so why replicate it?

I wouldn’t call this a script kiddie attempt. More of an unnecessary project that you could fix with a simple URL patch inside AIM itself. :stuck_out_tongue:


arent skiddies hackers or :thinking:


First. It’s because that redirected to AOL’s webpage.
Second. It’s going to be for the Phoenix client fork…


huh the what?


LOL AIM Phoenix? :stuck_out_tongue:


Can you, uhh, look for the AIM Today URL for me to patch.
Because of.


Give the aim today program download link i will test it on XP!


I told you, do not leak my hard work on the Internet!
That’s what my wallpaper said.


Why do i need to leak it eh?



uh, but you released it here


I meant not to leak the source code online.


How i don’t know how dude i what to test it on XP!


its just a webpage lol


No he wanted the I E  C O N T A I N E R. :stuck_out_tongue:


fuck im dumb


aim today page will not load on ie8 (tested)




LOL the source code is packaged and downloadable.

And you didn’t want it to be “leaked”. :stuck_out_tongue: