Really cool maxime


you talk to me?
what about this?

i’m not a fool

i’m am Jerry,not maxime.


this is just an outlook virus

Really? is not picture sexy?

(image above from megadeth)

jesus fucking christ @maxime, why the fuck are you trying to upload a fucking 2001 virus, on MG? Now Trekie will soon know about this and will probably ban you.

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is picture sexy she big boob really^^

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The pic may be sexy, but you didn’t posted the actual JPG (if it ever exists), you posted, a VBS (not to be confused with that “vacation bible school” shit)

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._. okay?

But still, you’re the 2nd person to post malware on MG. This has been noticed by people.


Nice try, that’s the I Love You trojan.

What do you think we are, 72 year olds?

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no i have 102 years old today

Maxime, stop.

withdrawing your post is pointless, i’ve already made screenshots of it.

Is Fake : )

this is not real virus
and you have antivirus no ? mdr haha

You posted the real, fucking, malware.

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Antiviruses won’t delete files you haven’t even downloaded yet.

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is not real
only source code

here :