[RANT] My parents seriously doesn't know what's privacy

like, seriously, i can’t open discord or any chat program (even MG) that my parents has to come and “see what im doing”

like, any big company you imagine (google, amazon, facebook) they use, i keep saying that they spy
to them, they think im lying

they say that “its ilegal to not see what your son is doing” although i did not find that law, even in brazil goverment website (which has a copy of their “laws book”)

and before you ask, no they do not know english, so im kinda safe to type this

that’s a good thing, given the fact that you’ve been banned on discord AND you’ve been hacked there too


they know that, but seriously i cant chat to someone whithout them coming to do that

Do you mostly speak English on Discord and MG?

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Until I know, this is not a law. But they watch what you do for security, as they are your legal guardians. You fell into several blows in a short period of time, they want your good.


i couldn’t found a homestuck version but laughs in french

i have a bunch of brazilian friends in discord, and they swear a lot

im llucky , my mom never checks on me
i don’t even keep my phone locked , and i always keep my pc on
my mom never checked on me
and yes my romanian friends swear way too much but eh

wow i bet you’re so cool all because of that

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delete this post, please

Could you pay me in advance?