Rant about nfts

Nfts are garbage.

like you can make profit out of random pictures.
i could f.e. sell this image for 1 million dollars.

or this one
or even this one

and people would buy it. plus, people burn art to make it an nft

TL;DR: screenshotting nfts is better.

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I can agree on that one.

In all honesty, I could literally sell a pic of my balls on eBay and it’d have more worth than any NFT.

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NFT’s have no real use-case, they’re just a hilariously stupid ponzi scheme - though they’re great if you dislike the environment.

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Hi, mind if I jump into this rant to put out my problem with them:

Buying NFT’s is like buying a receipt from eBay, you don’t own the products/food/whatever, you just own the receipt. In the NFT world, its instead you just own a receipt to a URL to a file, you don’t own the actual file, just a URL to it.

This parts fairly long, so I've chosen to hide it

Worse, people are actually profiting over others art, for example, here is a blog post by French artist “David Revoy” talking about how his CC-By Cat avatar generator assets were stolen, manipulated with a filter (DeepDream), and sold onto OpenSea, and worse, the person who sold the Dream Cats NFT (ROLPAK) have chose to not just steal art, but to also HIDE replies linking to Revoy’s blog post on the Twitter post they wrote about the NFT, which I will proudly show to you all too (these are the hidden replies)

Worse, this happened to them


Nice Kittens on Binance (was taken down but were put back up)
Baby Songbirds (now has different artstyle to their Bird Generator art now)
Revoy’s Mastodon post about one on OpenSea using some original art (not from a generator)
And OFC, Dream Cats on OpenSea

(proof to show the creator of the NFT is a jerk)

Heres what Revoy had to say about the DeepDream filter BTW:

The DeepDream effect is just a filter, I’m able to do it too…

So yeah, the moral of the story is don’t buy NFT’s, they are a waste of your time, money and energy.
And to the ones profiting over others art:

This is illegal you know.