Random video (still about MSN, tho)

Hi, I made a video. I know I already talked about this topic, but I was bored and I did this:


i Want wlm now!

This guy everywhere
I will be Banned?

lol, of course not xD

ah Im appear in this Video
i Want wlm back

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i dont use Firefox

i think i was on meth while watching this


0:50 ayy its me

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he is back now , you are happy ?

Do you realize that a lot of work is put into it? Keep in mind, Johnathan can’t just make servers for it in a flick of a switch. I’m not trying to be rude, I’m just stating a fact.

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yes i could make servers

leo … you cant make servers

i cant But im like valtron i could make server

WE HAVE WINDOWS LIVE MESSENGER 8.5 NOW , YOU CANT JUST WAIT ? you are killing this forum


this forum is like youtube ( DRYING )


thanks :grin:

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“Sitting in my room, with the needles in my hand, sitting in my room, with the SHOTGUN IN MY HEAD!, awaiting for the truth of someone’s liar”