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Don’t link reddit outside of reddit.

EDIT: I saw you ninja edit the title. Bastard.

Java is quite nice…

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i love pineapple pizza

you are just wrong

I don’t think so, hawaiian pizza (ie. pineapple) is great :smile:
And if you think otherwise, well, then,… more for us :pizza: :pineapple: :stuck_out_tongue:


Hawaiian pizza is awful! Someone even made a metal song about it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgVe5b3CZls

i remove the pineapples and eat them BEFORE THE PIZZA but it doesnt matter coz after i removed them,it’s now a decomposed pizza

also go to france, everyone thinks it’s BAGUETTE WINE AND CHEESE, but we have ice cream,french and better gamestop,eiffel tower, and a lots of things

Looks like being wrong over preferences is a thing now… Wtf?

someone doesn’t know what a joke is lol

:flushed: didn’t knew you had feelings for me.

i like kanaya

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i luv tuna sandwiches!

i know, pizza with pineapples best

it’s not the best , but it’s waay too underrated

yea but it delicious