R.i.p. M.S.N. 1999~2017


thank you @TReKiE for everything…

if you like, you can share below fotos of your msn or personal memories or thoughts about msn… thank you.


MSN was one of the best clients around… I will miss it… A dear friend of mine and I used the client until the very last… Thank you Jonathan Kay for the reviver and keeping it going until they finally pulled the plug. One of my favorite features was the wonderful drag and drop photo share. Yahoo is worthless now… MSN was always one of the best around. Here’s hoping that one day someone comes up with something that can compare so the Skype world doesn’t have to be the only IM of any use left…




The great new is that with the new Escargot server, we can use MSN Messenger 7.5 and older. The best version remains Windows Live Messenger 2012, but it’s great too…


This is the end :frowning:

I was talking to a friend by facebook, to enter messenger and no longer worked :disappointed:

Thanks msn for all these years


More like this is the start :slight_smile:
if you know what I mean.


The end is the begining! :smiley: