PSP Skype connection loop

I found my old PSP, with Skype on it installed.
Tried connecting to it but it keeps looping, is this due to the old PC Skype versions shutting down?


I believe that Skype on the PSP has been unsupported for a few years now. There might’ve also been a Vita version too, but that’s also gone.


Skype on PSP doesn’t work anymore, i’m pretty sure cuz

  1. i have a PSP 3001, doesn’t work with me
  2. I’ve seen a old post of PS’s blog saying that PSP and PS Vita skype will be discontinued
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Most likely doesn’t work because of the older protocols shutting down and giving life to a crappy version of Skype, which pretty much sucks.

I used it back then with my cousin a few years ago, we used to call the thing that let us test the microphone since we had no contacts. Sad.