PSA: If you use Nano Adblocker/Defender on Chrome REMOVE IT!

If you used the extension in the past few days on Chrome, log out of every single website you used in the past few days change every single password and make sure that you did not get hacked.

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Well i got an adblocker but it is not nano so im good here.

nunca nem vi

Same I use ad block

nem eu, mas já ouvi falar de nanossegundos

idk i use adblock plus

i use firefox and i use ghostery instead its all good

I have adblocker but it isn’t nano on my chrome

And why?

someone bought the extension and it spies on you now

i use regular adblock

i use the legends adblocker, uBlock Origin.

I use uBlock orgin am I safe?

well yes but actually yes.

Phew, the original uBlock Orgin is not in this list

i only use it on firefox so im safe until further notice