PS3 Games you played

i played alot, like joe danger. joe danger was good B)

I never had a PS3 or played on one, so the answer is obviously none.

You really never played on a PS3?, maybe you should try it sometime. I think its a good console B)

I only got a PS2 and recently a XONE

lol imagine not owning a ps3

considering i used an emulator if that counts
i only play jjba eyes of heaven and persona 5 on it

i don’t own a PS3, but there’s some of games i like
Project Diva F and F2nd
Persona 5
Sonic Unleashed
Sonic 06
Gran Turismo

i probably forgot some others


I want my PS2 back to play Gran Turismo 4 and another games.

I grew up with the PC, and I am broke so that’s why. My brother wanted to get a PS3 but we did not have the money.

Gran Turismo 5
LBP1-3 (including karting)
Need For Speed Hot Pursuit: Limited Edition
Saints Row 2
Lego Lord of The Rings
Lego Marvel Superheros
Lego Movie Videogame
Sonic Generations
Sonic Unleashed
DUST 514
DC Online Universe
and let’s not forget PlayStation Home :stuck_out_tongue:

u wot m9

i mean, it’s a broken mess but it has some good level design :stuck_out_tongue:

Sonic & All Star Racing Transformed

It was AWESOME, me & my dad played it like all day

I remember playing that :smiley:

I played It on acardes one time, was very cool.

MotorStorm Pacific Rift, I’m playing it on a regular basis, along with WipEout HD Fury playing it with my nephew.

Running a Backwards compatable PS3, ive pretty much played alot of First Party games at the start, then i would play some sega games like Sonic Unleashed, and Sonic 06 and more. Lol im pretty multipurpose tbh.

None, I don’t own a PS3 but I do own a PS2.

Same :slight_smile:

I don’t have PS3, however I have a PSP.