Project Timeburner - New Clone Hero Charts Every Week

Hard and Expert Guitar only. I’m not smart enough to do other instruments.

The first pack, Helt Pack 01, is being released on 2020-05-25T19:00:00Z. I will reveal the songs 48 hours beforehand. Keep an eye out if you like Clone Hero.


Well, it’s 1 AM my time, guess I’ll make my potential European audience happier.

Helt Pack 01

  • Lemon Demon - Matches and Nails (Tier 0)
  • Starshooter - Accident (Tier 1)
  • Tally Hall - The Bidding (Tier 4)

Excuse bad charting in places shown in the preview (GRO CHORDS???), this is my first time.

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The charts are out. I added drums to Matches & Nails.

Next…luminary uprise, entanglement broke.


sunslammer chart