Project Still Alive Guys?


Hi All, I adore Escargot so so much, Got all my friends to leave Facebook and we all talk on this now. Anyway been a while since any updates, Just checking all is still well.


Valtron is on a vacation… (I hope), until he returns, there will be no advance on WLM 8 :frowning: But never let hope die


I so cant wait for his return, Thank you very much for your reply, massively appreciated :slight_smile:


@Maigol @Director.Mounteney Valtron is disappeared, but the project is still alive, the people is still working, helping, and contributing :wink:

Add me:


Not disapppeared! he is still alive!


disappeared from forums, everyone got this wrong until i showed the status of updates.


its not. he is on vacation


almost everyone got that wrong.
“3 weeks ago” “on vacation” only forums, 99% fail this test.