Programs for the 2004-2006 era VM

So this is a continuation of the Ultimate Windows XP project or Luna as I called it, and this is a new project called The Solar Project where I’ll be making a VM based on the years 2004-2006.

Suggest any apps! (they must be from this time period)

You may even suggest any tweaks or suggestions if you want.


Firefox 2.0
MSN 7.5
avast! antivirus
Office 2003
Daemon Tools 5 (I think?)
iTunes 6
Steam (doesn’t yet work)
Adobe Reader 7.0
QuickTime Player
Yahoo! Messenger 6
Plus! for Windows XP

Half-Life Source
Counter-Strike: Source
Half-Life Blue Shift
Half-Life Opposing Force
Half-Life 2
Doom 3
FlatOut 2
Megarace 3
Quake 3 Arena

Symantec Antivirus

do you have kicq because i have kicq

I had it but i lost my account. :frowning:

  • Old firefox

  • MSN Messenger 6 (instead of 7.5)

  • (make the wifi connection as a modem but idk how to do that so it appears the WIFI thing on system tray)

  • remove that balloon thing → image

  • install XP Plus! (if you have it) and apply a different theme (if you want to)

  • add a Screensaver

  • install all the official MS Themes for Windows XP

  • Have this wallpaper:

    or make Active Desktop broken!

  • Set it as automatic organization for the desktop icons

  • Get Word 2003

  • Make the keyboard input dialog EN to work

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this was pretty cool, now time for the others!

games may be suggested but not sure how they’ll work on the VM

try this Download for Yahoo! Messenger | NINA I don’t know if this going to fit to 2004-2006

this post will be open for a bit by the way

Install Microsoft Office 2003, Install Hypercam 2 or even Games such as Lego Island…
Install All the Themes from Windows XP.

And install old steam, if you wish so.

Also, you can install some 3d old programs such as Sketchup and Blender.

Install also some old good video editors such as Vegas 5.5 or Camtasia 5.

This is my last edit, so bye.

you may install:

  • another antivirus instead of avast because of that shitty activation (such as avira or AVG)
  • @NicoDM said install word 2003. then install the office 2003 instead
  • simcity 3000 (the same thing im doing in my vm)
  • GTA SA
  • counter strike
  • half life 1 and 2

Dude, you didn’t do that… Did you? You just made the same office 2003 on the post as me? Well, okay. I’m fine with that.

Now i gotta go to the light of logged off world, bye.

still open for more, a few days left

How is it looking like by now

like this

legacy update can fully update ur xp

already installed bru.

“Got steam?” - in 2006

totally do