Programs and games to install in my windows 10 1507 VM

hey everyone, im back with another tech-topic! today, suggest me your applications and games to install in my windows 10 1507 VM! or atleast the vms called “windows 10 original”, the one we know and love from 2015, anyways
suggest me your applications! but WE HAVE RULES… suggesting apps that are rule-breaking will not be chose.

  • no any type of virus (malware, spyware, trojan)
  • no apps that contain innoproptate stuff, sus stuff is not allowed
  • sometimes i install the application by myself
  • upgrading microsoft windows is not allowed
  • old apps are still allowed
  • this vm is from vmware.
  • after you suggested, i will show you results with screenshot, just like gamerappas “least sane windows” topic
    thats all of the rules
    NOTE: this wont expire the topic including your suggestions.
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winaero tweaker

screenmates and desktop toys

chose theese:

“winaero tweaker” -therealranvir

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:
first time trying this to tweak stuff

“screenmates and desktop toys” -bartek_ginger

it seems like i cannot because the vm (and real pc) lags

so guys, continue suggesting anytime!

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u can like change everything about ur pc using it i use it all of the time

this would be pretty fitting for a windows 10 1507 vm as i have one too: Microsoft Office 2016 use the cr2 install to get it for free