Programs and games to install in my mac os X tiger

alright guys, i have a dare, give me application and games that i will install in my mac os X tiger VM
version: 10.4.1 x86 intel
applications and games that i have:

  • xcode
  • ICQ 3.4
  • microsoft office 2004
  • retrozilla
  • stuffit expander deluxe 10
  • macromedia studio mx 2004 (flash, fireworks, dreamwaver and freewave, activated)
  • opera 6.0 (flash player preinstalled this)
  • bittorrent 4.0.2
  • flash player 7 (it actually bypasses the end of support screen due to old versions)
    make sure the app you suggested is avaiable in “macintosh garden”
    one more thing, i will give you the results after the app is installed

try installing the macos version of SSASR
its on my drive

(idk if it will work on tiger, ik it works on snow leopard)

i hate gigabytes but i will download it tmr

necrobump cuz u didnt do shit

this is a certified shit moment :bruh:

its still open bruh, dosent, expire
edit: i will install a mac os X version (as long as its 32 bit)

i don’t have any ideas but mabey try google chrome

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tiger returned

note: im downloading it