Profile Pictures of contacts

Problem description:
The profile pictures of most of my contacts doesn’t show up since I changed my own profile picture 3 days ago.


What has been tried so far:
Logging out and logging back in.

Messenger version:
Windows Live Messenger 8.5

Windows version:
Windws 10 Pro N v.1909

Display Picture downloading is passive, it attempts to grab the images when the user signs in, you open a conversation window to them, or they change their picture. (There may be other criteria I forgot, but that’s the main ones.) Otherwise it just relies on its cache in the temp folder, which both Windows and third-party tools tend to delete.

As a quick fix, double-click myself and Patrik to open up two conversation windows, you don’t have to say anything to us, wait ~30 seconds and you should have have both of them.

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Thanks TReKiE, that worked :slight_smile:.

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