Problems with WLM 8.5

File sharing doesn’t work. I can see what my contact is sending but I can’t receive it despite clicking accept, times out after a while. My contact can’t even see what I send them.

My contact can send me drawings, mine fail to be delivered. “Your ink message could not be delivered to all recipients.”

Knocks and backgrounds don’t work. Not a big problem but whatever. (Contact doesn’t receive the messages/requests)

Edit: emoticons don’t work either on my end but I can receive them just fine

I do have MSN Live Plus (with the sound patch) and StuffPlug, should I do a clean install ?

P.S. Is there a way to live chat with the escargot team ? (MSN contact, discord server, etc)

yes, there’s a discord server

As I know, file sharing still don’t work.

Maybe a clean install can fix. Try it.

The issue you’re describing sounds like a UPnP issue. Do you and your contact have UPnP enabled on your router? You can check your router dashboard and see if any UPnP options pop up.

As for the emoticons, do you mean custom emoticons or emoticons in general? I’d try restarting MSN first before concluding that it’s also a UPnP issue.

As for live contact of the Escargot team, we don’t have an official place for that yet. There’s the MessengerGeek Discord where you might get help from forum members, but don’t expect anyone working on Escargot to reply there much. There can be plans for an official channel on our upcoming IRC frontend or an official Discord or another group service, but we don’t offer those right now.

Yeah, I do. UPnP is enabled.

I was talking about normal emoticons (not custom ones) but it seems that after we BOTH restarted the program everything started working again. Like, everything. Drawing, emoticons (haven’t tested custom ones), winks, MSN Plus sounds/text, file transferring (albeit really, really, really slowly. Like very few KB/s)

Sadly the sharing folder doesn’t seem to work, is that normal ?

Edit: to clarify, we had to restart it before chatting to get the friend/contact request to go through