Problems with Windows 10 and WLM

Problem description: I’m having problems with the users updating their status or even receiving or sending messages after some time on Windows 10, after i close the client and start it again it gives me a login error. It’s only a timeout, if i restart the computer, works without issue for some time and again it fails to login. I’m not sure why it would happen.

Error code/error message: No error message, except for the login error after i try to restart the program

What has been tried so far: Restarting the computer, using the program in Windows Vista compatibility mode and using administrator rights. Seems like using Vista mode works, but after around 15 minutes logging in.

Messenger version: 8.5.1302

Windows version: Windows 10 build 1709

EDIT: You can close this thread as the server was rebooted, and works now without issue. Thanks