Problems with server

Hi, I would like to understand why has the server been down so much lately? I have friends who have trouble staying connected, and problems with sending messages, this has been going on for almost two weeks. I’d be grateful if you have an answer for me.

(sorry for any english errors)

This has been a common occurrence for some time and me and the owner are looking into fixing it soon


Probably the devs still figuring out how to fix it. :thinking:


Thank you!

You’re welcome :relaxed:

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Ok, I’m getting annoyed with msn, I know that you shouldn’t be at fault, but it’s impossible to keep a conversation going with the server falling all the time and messages not being delivered … Administrators happen to know what the problem is or do you have an improvement forecast for that? I’m sorry for that ):

we have no idea
sorry, it is eventually going to get fixed, just we don’t know when