Problemas al tratar de abrir chats en MSN / Issues trying to open chats on MSN

Hola, la instalación me fue de maravilla al igual que el inicio de sesión y agregar contactos. El problema viene cuando doy doble click a algún contacto para abrir el chat, aparece la ventana de que el programa se ha detenido inesperadamente y se cierra sin más. Ya intenté reiniciar sesión y nada, al igual que probar con otras versiones de MSN (usé la 8.5 primero) y en todas tengo problemas para abrir cualquier chat. Uso windows 8.1.

Hello, installation was great as well as login and adding contacts. The issue comes when I double click some contact to open the chat, window of program stopped suddenly shows up and MSN just closes. I’ve already tried to re-login and doesn’t work as well as trying other MSN versions (I tried 8.5 at first) but I still can’t open any chat no matter the version. I use Windows 8.1.

are you trying to message an offline contact?

No. I know there’s a bug when you try to send messages to an offline contact so I’m trying only with online users.

This sounds like a system file corruption/malware activity. Could you perform these three steps?

Open an administrative CMD prompt.

Run these three commands in sequence.

dism /online /cleanup-image /scanhealth
dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth
sfc /scannow

Then REBOOT your pc and run a virus scan using Adwcleaner.