Problem With the winks

Hi, how are you ? I hope that I now have a problem with the winks and it is that they do not reproduce. My pc has windows 7 ultimate 64 bit and I have adobe flash player which would be my problem? from thank you

@Alan_Facundo this issue is already addressed. have a look at this link Custom Winks(MCO Files) if you want. :wink:

But I do not understand when it is the solution for me to walk the winks

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if you have windows 10/8.1 the winks works because the flash player is build-in in the OS

if you have windows 7 you must download and instal the 10.3 version of ActiveX flash. only with these version winks will work.

download the 10.3 version of activeX from here:


Hi, I solved the problem, I thank you very much for the help

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this problem only happens with Windows 7 and lower