Problem with msn on windows xp

Hello guys im new here :smile: i whrite this post becouse i have a problem with msn on my laptop : i tryed all the version and no one worked i even patched myself but no one worked i tryed installing msn 7 don t work msn 4.5 worked for a lil bit with patch with notepad and regedit but now don t work anymore even msn 1 and 3 patched gives me problem says me that the service is not responding i don t know what to do and wlm 8.1 thats my fav ver of wlm don t work says 80048821 error and i tryed everything but nothing work
80048821 on wlm 8.1
and msn 7.5 give a strange error 81000306
Windows Xp x64 Sp2
plz help guys

What server did you use escargot or?


i would recommend check this Using Messenger with Escargot on Windows XP, and avoiding the 80048821 error

i tryed but nothing is working

Just On TLS 1.0

Use ProxyHttps