Problem with making an account

A friend of mine who just recently started using programs such as aim phoenix just now tried to make an account on escargot however he can’t for some odd reason make it, any suggestions?

Provide us more information, such as, which MSN/WLM version, did he check using older MSN password etc.

I’ll ask him now

lessthan2000: 1. not working register 2. i have download program not working sing up in program. 3. I don’t know why
lessthan2000: 4. not working password reset email

Does he get any error at registration?

MSN can be pretty annoying with password longer than 8 caracters especally pre Windows live versions. tell your friend to create a password with 8 caracters or less

He says that his password is with 8 max caracters

what version is he using? even older versions seems to have trouble with password with more than 6 caracters… if it’s not that what’s the error showing up

I don’t know he just says that it gives him no errors, he can’t make an account not even on the website

Try clear the cache or just try with another browser

He’s using chrome “when i sign up in program i wait 5,10 minutes and not working error says: 404 not found server”

That’s interesting error message. Can he send a screenshot about that error?

He says that he has this new error “Sorry, we were unable to sign you in to the MSN Messenger at this time. Please try again later.”

error 80048820

He’s using WIndows XP?

He’s using Windows 7

He should try log in like 10-20 times (thanks to Nojus), if it doesn’t help then I don’t know. Nowadays a some users got this problem

What version is he using?