Problem using wlm 2009 on a windows 7 hardware

Problem description: the problem is that it won’t sign me in

Error code/error message: 80048820

What has been tried so far: changing the dns o

Messenger version: latest (escargot)

Windows version: Windows 7 Ultimate

From: Clients/Windows Live Messenger/Errors - NINA Wiki.
“Error: 80048820
Version: 7.5 - 2009
Description: Client is unpatched, there might be an underlying network issue, or a generic incorrect password/email, or if on XP and Vista: SSL/TLS error due to incompatibility.”

Did you patch WLM 2009?

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Yes i did but same error

Well shit it corrupted now

I’m not sure what do you mean by this. Your Windows 7 installation got corrupted, or your WLM 2009 installation got corrupted?


Your WLM 2009 installation got corrupted? Consider reinstalling then.

I installed now 8.5 but same error

is your 7 system? maybe that is the problem. update live now with the simplix pack

download it ,name it to UpdatePack7R2–++.exe and run it.

I did the other way by disabling stuff in the escargot winxp:vista guide on win7 and somehow it worked…