(Problem) Sounds and winks don't work


Hello everyone, I’ve been having these two problems for a while now, for the sound problem I’ve tried everything I know to solve it but couldn’t, I’ve reinstalled MSN more than once, restarted my computer many times, tried to figure out something from the options, nothing worked. When I receive a notification or make a nudge MSN doesn’t make any sounds. And as for the winks, I’ve made a topic about that earlier but no one seemed to know how to fix it but I will say it again here, winks don’t work even after installing adobe flash.


its happenign to me too:sweat:


Thanks to Jonathan Kay the sound problem has been solved for me.
Download this:
(assumes you’re using 64-bit Windows, you’ll need to edit in Notepad and remove (x86) from Program Files otherwise).


about winks,this app has been discontinued,and this the reason for many bugs.I had the same problem when i installed adobe flash and i install winks again and of course works properly


As explained here:

You need an old version of ActiveX Flash Player to use winks. Check that thread for more information.

If you have installed a new version of flash, you must uninstall it following this steps:
Otherwise, you will get a message saying that the (old) version you are trying to install is not the most recent.