Problem installing WLM 2009


From what TReKiE told me, You should install Windows Live Essentials 2012 from here then uninstall it from Control Panel. Then run the installer.

but I already uninstalled windows essential, I don’t understand

I had this error here and fixed it by closing all open programs and running the installer as an Administrator.

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I do it and the problem is not solved

you could maybe download the 09’ Version from old then in the windows registry editor change the server to escargot. could work?

same here. that’s how I fixed it. runs like a dream on windows 10 for me

Do you use it in features mode on the taskbar or put msnmsgr.exe in Vista compatibility mode for the WLM 2009 status icon to appear in the system tray?

change the compatibility to Vista. you will then get an icon in the system tray

Here I also put it in compatibility mode with Vista. Are there any bugs like the taskbar flashing when opening WLM 2009? Is the focus assistant activating on its own too?

WLM 2009 is severely buggy right now. I will be switching back to 8.5 until fixed

  • Bob Barnes

thats not how the patches work, it uses a dll import

thats probably not gonna help because of the server issues, unless the server issues are specific to 2009.

I think the same, I will not return to WLM 2009 until the problems are solved, for as long as I will continue using the 2008 version enchulada with the skin of WLM 2009

ah yes, WLM 2008. was the best with WLM 7.5.

it seems to be ok now. it hasn’t logged me out for not having the program minimized. it was just a pain as the repair option in troubleshooting was the only to get logged back in

2008 is technically the same anyway, you don’t get the beautiful blue skin like with 2009. I’ve just reinstalled 09’ and it seems to be fine

no, completely different
2008 = 8.5
2009 introduced circles, mpop, ddp, gifs as your pfp, entire ui overhaul, etc

what it worked for me is just to be sure you don’t have ANY software form WLM Essentials installed in your computer you can try it and tell us if it worked for you