Problem in Messenger 8.5 instalation

I downloaded the patched version and everytime is near to the end of the instalation this pop-up appear in my screen and the instalation window close.

I’ve tried the un-patched version and this error occurs too.
I use Windows 7.

try to install wlm 8.1 and see if the same poblem happens

Now this one happened :frowning:

Literally the same

Try uninstall and install the .NET Framework, and install the MSN.

I installed the 4.7, still occurs the same error

MSN Messenger has nothing to do with the .NET Framework. That was Microsoft’s attempt at branding their Passport SSO service, and MSN appeared to utilize that, so it had “.NET Passport” attached to it when 2001 rolled around. :stuck_out_tongue:

Source: Finding the Visual C++ Runtime Library string inside a version of MSN. :stuck_out_tongue: