Probably going to move from youtube to COS.TV

well, yes, you heard right, i am actually gonna quit youtube and move to COS.TV

Better monetization

well heres an fact EVERYTHING you do on COS.TV actually gives u money, even likes, comments, how much vids you watch, etc

EVERYTHING is Monetized!

when you create an channel you already have monetization

unlike YT that you need this to get money:

  • 1k subs (i have 150 or less)
  • 25k views (i have like 5k)

Almost perfect algorithm

well the main reason is not money, and yes, also the algorithm, it is almost PERFECT unlike YT, that even breaks EU laws by the transparency (source:

also here is an sheet showing WHAT YT words can actually demonetize your video (there is VERY strange words, like even gay gets demotized like wtf):

It fucking works

read title

Anyways, i think you guys could also try COS.TV

My channel link


I don’t really see the point in “Alternate Video Sharing Sites”. Understandably, YouTube is pretty bullshit, but I’ve tried services like VidLii and, to be honest, I don’t think video sharing sites work. I mean, I enjoy the novelty, and I do prefer them more, its just that they lack the viability of many people coming in, with the communities often being tight knit.

To be honest, I just wish Susan got her ass into gear. It’s a shame these sites aren’t very viable when they’re typically put together well. As for this “” thing, I don’t think it looks very good.


I had been looking forward to a YouTube replacement, eventually as time would’ve led. I will give COS.TV a shot to jump on it’s bandwagon. If this is the post made for that purpose. Can’t deny it will be a hard habit not to visit YouTube for it’s content’s i have to give a huge credit for teaching me tools that this platform till test of time, might not have. Anyway, good job. i’ll subscribe and see. :slight_smile: :wink: :sunglasses: :birthday:

dude if you really think you’re gonna get ez cash off of a YouTube clone then i feel sorry for you
if anything i predict that COS.TV will get vidme’d in a few months just watch


VidLii was a shitstorm, but things have toned-down a year ago (because everyone has moved to Vlare).

Edit: VidLii seems to be now used to generate revenue to keep Vlare alive, seems Vlare’s Patreon cash has run dry.

I agree.

well it’s quite good for now

The UI is too flat

Oh wow didn’t know that Vimeo changed their name

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even the discord server is a shitstorm most of the time

By that do you mean people who instantly cause drama and set their status to “gone forever” and then change their pfp to black?

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COS.TV is just the youtube equivalent of newgrounds

basically this

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What does you moving to some dodgy YouTube clone thing, got to do with anything in this forum?
I get people post random stuff, but at least post something people care about??

well this video made me move to it (it’s in portuguese but ehh)

do you expect the majority of us to watch a 10 minute video that’s in a language we don’t understand?
also some people out there don’t really care about monization, including me

can at least explain?

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it just works

what works?? there’s a lot of things we can discuss about if theyre working or not
and can you explain how is it “working”?
we don’t have the same idea as you

you can do everything its supposed to do

do you even know that means “it works”?

yes, i do know what it means

so you’re basically saying that youtube isn’t usable at all?
even the small (as in small) parts of youtube are seriously affected?
if so, how?