Pretty surprised that the MessengerGeek blog is still somewhat alive


I randomly decided to go onto what seemed like @TReKiE’s now-dead MessengerGeek blog (not the forum, the Wordpress blog). And then I saw this.

Pretty surprising, if you ask me. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I had to go on “Jonathan’s” blog profile to find this.


My secret blog revealed! (okay not really secret)

I do quite enjoy writing :slight_smile:


But is dead. The last post it messenger reviver, last photo was uploaded in 2003. And candyheart


I’m specifically talking about That was @TReKiE’s blog for a while right until he had to discontinue Messenger Reviver 2, kind of rendering the site dead for a while.


I know that blog since a long time


But is still a good page to randomly see, with that cool HTML4 design