Post Your Favorite Album From A Band (Music Too)

Angra-Angels Cry
Music - Lasting Child And Evil Warning
This Was Made In My Homeland, Brazil :smiley:

Obs: You Dont Need To Limit To Metal, Rock And its subgenres, be free to post any genre :slight_smile:

i don’t have a fauvorite album, but… i have this playlist. Does it count? Personal fauvorites 2 <3 - playlist by Miguel | Spotify

I have to say Rolling in the deep by Adele

Don’t talk smack about my girl Adele

I also love Aida Nikolaychuk’s verson of rolling in the deep

she is a Ukrainian singer

My favorite album from System of a Down is Steal This Album:

I also love Hallelujah by Susan Boyle It sounds magical when you hear her sing

I admit that this thread is dead, but;

Go! Child: Turning Point is my favorite song.