Possible timeframe we're getting WLM support?


just wondering if we are getting it anytime soon!


For now, no work has been done regarding Facebook, WLM 2009, 2012. The only thing we have been working on is WLM 8.x

And, for now, nothing is moving anymore: either valton is busy or on vacations :wink:

So, there is absolutely no estimate as to when WLM 8 will be available. Especially because we are not a company. People working on Escargot have real lives, real jobs, families, … so 1) we don’t know in advance how much time we can spend on Escargot (we work on it when we have free time to do so), 2) we discover problems to solve or new things to do as we advance…

Waiting and hoping are the only things you can really do.


awesome, thanks for the fast response and i appreciate all of your work, good luck on your endeavors!


At least by next year? Would make sense because projects like this take a lot of time.


Impossible to say. It may never happen :wink: It depends on so many things…


Merci pour tout le travail que vous faites avec beaucoup de coeur.

Si WINDOWS LIVE MESSENGER 2012 pouvait revenir quel bonheur pour tout le monde.



i looked at gitlab and saw that @tristanleboss got most versions of WLM 8.X


Maybe We Need WLM 8.x version the famous and best version WLM.


people say 2009 is the best, even John, the creator of this forum, has said so., however i have not used WLM 2009