Possible scammers. List of reports!

Leave the MSN and cause you distrust that user. If they can attach evidence better.

Possible scammer.
MSN: urdanetaa19@gmail.com
Reason: The user asks if you have what I think is a game installed on your PC, then i say no, he the invites to download it from a web.

I hope we can help each other to make this community better every day.

I passed you the download link of the fangame called SRB2 because i was bored and i wanted to play with other person, you need a better scam detection :wink: why the paranoia?

Well, I have not trusted you in a long time. You are from that group that have reported on several occasions to get into massive chat groups without your consent. It does not surprise me at all that you also make fraud.

I invite anyone who suspects another user to report it in this publication.

Well, i’m victim of that group too, that group is everytime inviting me, sometimes i only click in X button to close the group chat, or other times i chat if i’m bored, but well, if you see me in that group, is because i’m not a member of that group, i’m victim of that and many other groups

hes not a scammer, he just gived the game download of one of my favourite games!
Anyway, get lost.

laughing the fuck out of my ass when i saw andres LOL

RT :v