Possibilty for Windows Mobile MSN?

There’s a bunch of WinMo cab files for MSN Messenger, that could possibly be recompiled to be updated with the Escargot servers, WinMo also has a registry so there’s a chance that you can change the servers from their… haven’t checked yet

There’s also a land mine of clients that are designed to work with WinMo, that could be modified to work with the servers. Depends what protocols each app uses, in the weekend I’ll try doing some mods to the apps to try get them to work, any devs that know more crap about this feel free to step in.


Someone already tried to patch it. tl;dr: it didnt work

AFAIK no one tried to actually patch those versions of the client, and it’d be impossible anyway since the program that comes built in is, well, built in. No way to modify it unless you reassembled the ROM. But someone did attempt to get one version working from an emulator. Sadly it was a version that required HTTPS for login (anything at or above MSNP8 basically) and at the time I believe Escargot still relied on SNI for HTTPS so that failed.

Not sure if it’d work now that Escargot supports as many old TLS 1.0 ciphers as it can, but it’s worth a shot. Also anything that uses MSNP7 or below (approximately anything before 2003 or 2002) should definitely work.

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There’s many versions from over the years, if I find any of them I’ll try find a way to patch them… I most likely won’t check the old old versions because trying to get the internet to work properly on my old iPaq PDA can be rather hit or miss