Possibility of bot accounts?

I just had the thought of bot accounts spamming users, anywhere from advertisements to malicious links.
But let’s just have the idea of Malicious Bot Accounts, Can the development team do anything to prevent this like deleting the bot accounts or something else?, and keep in mind that the scenario happening is taking place on the messenger not the forums.
Unneeded edit: oops, accidently put this on the raw and random category.

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There’s at least one already (or at least I think it’s a bot, might just deliberately look like one), but that one doesn’t annoy, it just sits on your contact list with its link in its PSM, and easily deleted if you get tired of it being there. It also doesn’t have very good reliability either as it’s frequently offline for months at a time.

Microsoft’s solution to spim and worms on Messenger was to hire an outside company which was responsible for adding “bad words” that would be dropped by the server (and later added into the client itself).

Hopefully the user count on its own will keep mass spam away. Needing to build specialized software to reach only 1000 smart people who likely won’t fall for dumb schemes hardly seems worth it, when you can reach hundreds of thousands if not millions of people with other methods, with “off the shelf” spam software.


As @TReKiE said, the problem right now isn’t big and easily manageable. If it does become a big problem however I’d personally start with at least a basic blacklist of iffy terms. Not sure about advanced techniques but hopefully things don’t go to that level lol.


Maybe some of that 1000 people are not good at detecting fake stuff? I’ll see if I can add more info to this soon.