Popping error window everytime when I'm logging on Escargot 8.5

Problem description : Everytime I log to escargot 8.5, this annoying window appear telling me that there was a script error in this page, telling me that console is not defined and pointing to a weird to this escargot.log1p.xyz/static/script/langs.js url, only appear one time everytime I log and sometimes appear other that says that object required, but it starting to rustling my jimmies.

Error code/error message : ‘console’ is not defined

What has been tried so far : Reinstall messenger again

Messenger version : WLM 8.5

Windows version : Windows 7 Ultimate


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i think this can help

Thanks but still popping :frowning:


What is your Internet Explorer version? Just give me the icon of IE.

Same thing is happening to me, I installed the latest Internet Explorer that Windows 7 can support.

Blame JavaScript. PHP never gives script errors.


IE 8? Update to 11 already!

Or 9 atleast at minimum

That wouldn’t be ideal imo

you need to update to IE 11, if you dont do this, you will continue receiving the window error

Yeah… IE8 is no longer compatible with all of the new HTML5 stuff.

MS did made a compatability update for ie 8…in 2010

That was almost 9 years ago. It won’t do anything in 2019. Where every website is now modernized.

(Off topic)
I hate HTML5 ok?HTML4 is more lightweight atleast.Nowadays all websites use lots of html5 and javascript and other heavyweight s*it
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(Still off topic)
Well… HTML5 started in the early-2010s… First thing that appeared was a HTML5 video player on YouTube. (Yes that existed since 2010/2011)…

html5 made us not have to use flash in youtube for example

Sorry for not respond yesterday, but I’ve installed the IE 11 and it fixed the problem!!!
Thanks everyone!! :smile:

Better lock this solved thread :lock:

Trekie isn’t someone of locking threads, so I guess this will stay unlocked.